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    Best Mufflers specialises in fabricating custom exhaust systems, custom headers, custom extractors, sports and high performance custom exhausts. more...
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Redback mufflers and exhaust systems are now available in our online shop. These high quality mufflers and exhausts are available in various sports systems. We carry a large range of redback exhaust headers, mufflers and complete exhaust header and system packages if required.. We also have a wide range of exhaust system parts, flange plates, flex bellows, mandrel bends, ect to suit many applications.


Redback Exhaust Systems

Redback Exhaust Headers
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Click here for redback and genie headers

Universal Mufflers Priced from $45
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Holden Commodore
sports exhaust systems
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Nissan Patrol
sports exhaust systems
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Click here for Redback Nissan Listings

Toyota Landcruiser
sport exhaust systems
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These are just a few Redback Exhaust Systems available in our online shop
Use the search or just browse the shop listings for differant exhaust parts available.when using the search keep descriptions short eg "rodeo ra" "gu 4.2ltr " " vy commodore". If the exhaust Part is not listed in the menu please contact us so i can get it online asap.